The night beckons the lone wolf  

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The calendar may say early December, but the thermometer begged to differ. The night was clear and still. No clouds roamed the sky and the cold air was invigorating. As I stood outside thoughts of my childhood flashed before me. The theme song from Zorro danced in my head. I felt the need to be on top of two wheels, the desire to ride was overwhelming. The Lone Wolf had been beckoned from his den.
I ventured out with black leather donning my skin for protective measures. Where shall I go, this night can’t be wasted? With no destination in mind I let my red chariot decide for me. As I came upon Fort Totten my eyes caught my newly desired challenge. The superstructures of the Throggs Neck bridge loomed in the night sky. The wolf was being called to the mountain.
As I approached the 'On Ramp' my mind started racing. Adrenaline took control and my thought processes started to accelerate. I could feel my heart beating in my chest as I downshifted for my initial surge. My right hand cranked the throttle and the road started to rise before me. The screaming engine beneath me pumped me even harder. All rhyme and reason were gone. My primitive instincts kicked in and a howl bellowed out as the bridge became mine.
Then the thought came to me...“This is why I ride.”

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