The invisible man  

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The hustle and bustle of tourists fills the streets of Key West. The merchants try to entice shoppers to spend their vacation money. Modern day minstrels fill the air with songs at the open bars. A pet shop displays 5 adorable puppies in its storefront window. Helmet-less bikers cruise up and down the main boulevard. Yet no one notices the invisible man.

A homeless soul sits upon his bicycle taking a cigarette break. The child’s wagon behind him is filled with all his worldly possessions. His fateful canine companion lies down under a tree to shelter himself from the rain. A sea of humanity flows by and yet no one seems to pay any attention to this nomad.

I stood across the street and watched this scenario unfolding. The first thought that crossed my mind was, “Did this lost soul ever imagine that this was how he was going to spend his golden years?” Where would this vagabond make camp for the night? How would he acquire food for himself and his loyal comrade?

When he finished his smoke he would probably venture off again. Wearily his four legged friend would follow in stride. If I had the time I would have liked to hear this man’s story. I’m sure his life’s tale would be an interesting one.

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